About Us

Our founder, Ray Collier, started working on family boats in the Gulf of Mexico (Pensacola) at a very young age. He did sportfishing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, shrimping and various other activities.

At age 18, Ray was already a boat owner and operator. It was also at that same age when he decided to join the United States Marine Corps, where he served for 11 faithful years.

Ray has spent more than 25 years on boats and has worked in Hawaii for more than 10 years, often with big-name companies in the industry. He became a licensed boat captain in 2008. After spending so many years working for others, Ray decided to start his own small business.

Today, Ruckus Sportfishing and Diving continues to thrive. For our company's success, Ray credits the knowledge he gleaned from his years working for others. He continues to stay true to his commitment to providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for his guests who wish to learn more about Honolulu boating charters.